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Our Story

Founder of LA CURVE, Bonnie Costte is a Hispanic fashion designer who began her design career in her small garage producing designs for emerging swimwear companies. After 10 years of work, she escalated to a small production factory and helped establish some of the most recognized swimsuit companies today! Known as being “swimwear savvy” amongst established designers/companies, Bonnie is now bringing her own dreams to life with LA CURVE. 


Bonnie designs bikinis with love for all body shapes, curves, and sizes. With pieces designed to be comfortable and inclusive, LA CURVE connects with women who are confident and carefree. 


In order to create the perfect suit, LA CURVE has a meticulous approval process. This means that for a style to go into production, suits are fitted several times to ensure that the suit properly hugs a bodie’s curves. 


Our lines feature bold and feminine colorways chosen specifically to be able to flatter every skin tone and complexion. The bikinis are meant to be comfortable as well as adjustable. Adjustable straps and ties are featured on most of our suits, allowing them to fit more bodily curves as well as making them as comfortable as possible with zero discomforts because NO CURVE IS THE SAME!




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